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premiere: Weekends - Basement Fuzz

Baltimore post-punks have been slashing away at this game for years, and having a damn good time while doing so. Adam Lempel told me he shot the vid on VHS “at the Baltimore venue called The Crown where I bartend and Brendan [Sullivan] manages. We got alcoholic snowballs :) and there’s some good cameos in here (Jen Wasner of Wye Oak and Martin Schmidt of Matmos and Abdu Ali among others).”

They’ll be playing a show on June 21th at the Kahlon party put on by Abdu Ali with Co La, DJ Scottie B, Buffa7o, Sexosthetic and SENTINL.

Weekends - Raingirls (Live at The Bell Foundry)

➜ Weekends in the Baltimore City Paper

After a fire destroyed their instruments, rock duo Weekends has a new gig and a new album

Weekends - “New Humans” reviewed in the Baltimore Sun,0,
album stream : Weekends - “New Humans”



After the intense financial-help campaign that laste for almost a year, Baltimore group Weekends are finally releasing their new full-length "New Humans" scheduled for August 30 at Friends Records. Meanwhile, the band became available for full streaming the entire album, below. 

If you missed it, watch the video for "A Defining Love".

The new album is up for streaming! Check it out and tell us what you think.


Upon moving to Baltimore I knew little about the area I was moving to. Under the impression that the city had a very strong art and music community I set out to find a portal in which to access said community. Through the help of new friends and old ones I slowly felt out what I could comprehend. From what I understand, Baltimore’s music scene is constructed of a group of passionate individuals who seem both artistically and politically minded; also pretty much anyone who is worth their salt musically will release on Friends Records for the most part.

Somewhat recently I met Adam Lempel, Adam seems to be on his artistic grind almost 24/7 playing in multiple bands working at a local bar/venue, homie is hustling. I had seen his project Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats live when they opened for Ducktails and I was solidly into it, tight musically playing solid rock ‘n’ roll/pop songs. However, after getting a copy of his band Weekends new tape “New Humans” it is safe to say that this is the project I prefer of the two, although they are completely different.

A duo made up of Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel, Weekends seems immediately similar to acts like No Age, French Toast, and Japanther. Guitarist and drummer merge together to create rock anthems that sound like a way bigger band. I am into this combo, and their art rock stylings with delayed vocals really help to add a significant amount of texture to the mix. These dudes can totally shred too, a lot of bands try this approach out and fall short either energy wise or in their musical ability, but that isn’t the case here.

My favorite track on New Humans is probably “June Echo” somewhere between a Bruce Springsteen anthem and a Death From Above instrumental ripper, this song is definitely a head bobber. Their is what appears to be an octaved up guitar melody that runs through the track and it is insanely catchy, it actually reminds me a little bit of a melody in Dan Deacon’s track “Crystal Cat”. Either way this is totally the slam on here for me. Feeling strong about it.

All in all the tape is beautiful looking, the shell is white and black, 50/50. Chris Day on the art again, super into his visual aesthetics. Friends records hooking it up with the quality sound and free download, can’t lose here. Pick this up for sure as I am positive this will be hitting the year end lists.

Christian ~ President @ Holy Page Records ~ Distributor @ Reputation Worldwide ~ Game Changer Extraordinaire

Thanks for the kind words and a great review Christian!


I finally finished all this Weekends stuff. These dudes are on their way down to Texas next weekend. Keep your eye out if you live between Austin and Baltimore and maybe you can snap a pick and make them your pokemon.

Check out our album cover for ‘New Humans’ which should be out in mid April! Also check out the back cover and all the inserts. Thanks to Chris Day who designed and screen printed these.

Weekends - A Defining Love - video by Tyler W. Davis

Help us make our new album ‘New Humans’ - Weekends Kickstarter launches today! Check out the awesome sneak peek of our ‘A Defining Love’ video by Tyler W. Davis. Help us out and spread the word - please reblog!